Corona virus zombies walking the street

Governments battle to control Corona Virus zombies


While the world reels in the wake of Covid-19, our sources allege that a side effect straight out of a horror movie has reared its ugly head. Reports are coming in that the reason governments are rolling out the military is combat Corona Virus zombies.

National Guard troops patrolling the streets searching for coronavirus zombies.

A leading expert in virology, confided in our source that they are unsure of how Covid-19 is turning otherwise normal people into zombies.

“We don’t know how it is doing it, but in a small percentage of the covid-19 cases, instead of dying, the patients nearly die, then seem to start to rebound, but not in a healthy sort of way.”

From what we know, the corona-zombies slowly become more and more violent as the zombification progresses. At first, their lethargy turns to confused actions and restlessness, then over time, the infected become violent, clawing an biting at anyone they can find.

“We suspect that the zombification process has someting to do with the virus crossing the blood/brain barrier becoming a sort of encephalitis. Whether it is the inflamation or the virus attacking the brain tissue that is causing the bizzare behavior, we aren’t sure.”

Why it is only certain patients that are transforming into zombies is also still unclear. Hospital workers are thankful it is only a small percentage of people that are turning.

“I’m glad it isn’t all of them turning or we would have a real problem containing them all. After all they are still people with rights. But what do you do with people that want to tear your throat out with their teeth?” one intern at a leading hospital in New York is thought to have said.

Needless to say, the government has squashed all reporting on covid-zombies to prevent a general panic. We asked several local officials about covid-zombies and they sternly denied any knowledge of the situation.

National Guard troops are now patrolling the streets, vigilantly searching for zombies. But will if they will be enough is a serious concern.

“Our primary concern right now is trying to cure this disease as quickly as possible and to round up all the afflicted that we can find. The main concern is that the virus will mutate further and become by bodily fluids from the infected. This would make bites a real issue as we currently have no treatment for Covid-19 zombification.”

In one hard hit east-coast town, a local law enforcement agent, told our source that the homeless population was at the highest risk. Due to the fact that they are going untreated in their camps, doctors are unable to do anything to prevent the virus from progressing to the zombie stage.

“Plus, once they go zombie out in the bushes, we don’t know what all they are doing. But we don’t have the manpower to round them all up or anywhere to put them even if they let us do it.”

As tensions around the world rise, and the cases of Covid-19 climb, we are likely to see more and more zombies in the streets. Speaking off the record, one official told us the best thing to do is avoid contact with them and to call the local police if you encounter a Covid-19 Zombie. They warned “do not engage them and please do not attack them. They are technically still living people and you will be criminally liable for murder.”

While it is unclear what the United State’s official solution to the zombie issue is, other countries are being far less delicate about the matter. One Asian country with a large number of cases has apparently started euthanizing covid-zombies and burying them in mass graves.

Mass grave being dug for Covid-Zombies in Asia

We can only hope this issue can be resolved quickly as things have gotten pretty bad already world-wide. This writer fears that if the covid-zombies are left unchecked they may begin to organize and form a sort of culture all to their own.

If you think zombies marching in the street are far fetched, just remember that in WWII the Nazis were actively attempting to and probably did create a breed of Nazi zombie troopers. If it happened once it could happen again. This leads us to consider if this isn’t a Soros funded plot all along.

Zombie Nazis? It could happen again!

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