underage sex workers imported from south america

Border Crackdown Panics Liberal Leaders As Flow Of Minors Drops


Panic Spreads As Brothels Remain Understaffed

underage sex workers imported from south america
A shipment of unaccompanied minors, headed to the USA to become sex slaves for Liberal leaders arrives at the border.

Lack Of Child Sex Slaves From Mexico

President Trump’s crackdown along America’s southern border is causing a major panic among the operators of underage sex brothels all across the country. Liberal leaders are being hit hard in the pants both on the supply and demand side of the coin.  The unprotected border has for decades meant a steady stream of smuggled sex slaves from Mexico and south america to staff clandestine brothels. Many of these slaves are underage.

“We rely on a steady stream of children from south america to staff these brothels” one Democratic leader told one of our unnamed sources about the Mexican child sex slaves. “These kids don’t last long before they are used up and worthless, so we need a steady stream of them.”

In 2014, Mother Jones reported that at many as 70,000 South American children entered the country illegally, most are considered “unaccompanied”.

Trump’s tightening up of border security, the number of unaccompanied minors has dropped significantly, leaving many Senators, Congressmen and liberal leaders without an outlet for their pedophile urges.

“We can’t be flying to Malaysia every week for sex, it is expensive and take up too much time!” one liberal was heard remaking over drinks with friends at a recent social function in Hollywood. His friends all seemed to be in agreement.

Further complications have arisen as Trump has called for DNA testing of families coming across the border illegally to prove that the children they are bringing with them are theirs.  A common tactic is for human traffickers to claim that the children with them are theirs when caught. Since the advent of stricter controls nearly half of the detained children have parents that “can’t be found”

“If this keeps up, we will have to start smuggling in inventory via Canada” one underage brothel owner in Washington DC said according to our sources. “That really ads to the price which cuts into my profits. These Senators are all on the take, but they are still  cheap as hell.”  The well established trade of child sex slaves from Mexico and South America has for decades kept prices low. Now it seems politicians and Catholic church leaders alike will be forced to pony up a few more dollars for their sexual exploits.

Southern Political Leaders Lose Money

While it is still unconfirmed, evidence is that many liberal leaders along southern border states rely on their share of the human trafficking trade to pad their coffers.

“You don’t think old Mad Max got that mansion of hers from her government pay do you?” one insider joked with one of our sources, seemingly referring to Maxine Waters and her $4,500,000 mansion. How she can afford a home with that kind of price tag on a public servant’s pay is still an open question.

Liberal leaders continue to speak out against President Trump, calling for open borders with Mexico to alleviate the lack of supply to their underage sex brothels. Trump has spoken out vehemently against pedophilia and has called for the death sentence for anyone convicted of the crime.   Hollywood elite and liberal leaders on both coast are obviously deeply concerned for the preservation of their pedophile lifestyles.

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