underage sex workers imported from south america

Border Crackdown Panics Liberal Leaders As Flow Of Minors Drops

Panic Spreads As Brothels Remain Understaffed Lack Of Child Sex Slaves From Mexico President Trump’s crackdown along America’s southern border is causing a major panic among the operators of underage sex brothels all across the country. Liberal leaders are being hit hard in the pants both on the supply and demand side of the coin.  […]

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Britney Spears claims Prince William is a reptilian

Britney Spears Exposes Prince William As A Reptilian

Royal Family Are Reptilians Britney Spears swears that Prince William and in fact the whole royal family are actually shape shifting reptilian monsters. She found this out while camming with him a few years back. This is in line with what conspiracy theory expert David Icke has said on several occasions. The British Royal Family and […]

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Ramadan is a german tradition

Ramadan German Tradition Predates Oktoberfest

Shocking new statements indicate that Ramadan is a German tradition that predates Oktoberfest.  Sources allege that Ramadan is 100% a German tradition and completely belongs in Germany. “Fasting in the month of Ramadan has long been part of the German religious landscape. It is a German reality. To break the fast in the evening, many people gather […]

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